laptop refurbished remanufactured leasing

Refurbished vs remanufactured: what is the difference?

Although both processes have similarities and definitely obtain the same result, there are some differences between a product that has been refurbished to one that has been remanufactured. The most important part of Innovent’s business proposition is the return to us of leased assets provides an opportunity to create a Second life for the IT…

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A flexible laptop solution for a business’s graduate program

First impressions matter.  We know that you want to give your graduates and interns the best possible welcome to your business by providing them with IT equipment of high quality with great performance that will allow them to make a promising start in their new careers. We also know that until now, that was not…

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Dell, Lenovo and HP: Best (and affordable) laptops for business in 2022

If you are looking for a great – and most important affordable –  laptop for your business in 2022, keep reading… With more businesses seeking to adopt a hybrid working, technology and particularly laptop technology is playing an ever-increasing role in helping businesses to adapt. More flexibility and mobility inevitably lead to having equipment that…

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Second Life IT: As good as new but half the price

Here at InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets by giving them a Second Life. This reduces unnecessary waste on our planet and provides affordable computing to organisations. For many of our clients we provide a mixture of new and 2nd Life equipment focusing on right sourcing technology to match a client’s…

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laptop short term rental business

Can you rent business laptops for a short term?

Yes, you can! We are thrilled to announce a Short Term Rental service of InnoVent´s Market Leading 2nd Life Refurbished Laptops. This is an ideal option for migration projects & training courses, for both ad hoc, short-term, temporary or contract staff. A great option for graduates and interns and the perfect solution if you were…

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best laptops dell latitude 7420

Best laptops for business in 2022: Dell Latitude 7420

The new Dell’s Latitude 7420 is an excellent choice for businesses who want the power of a desktop computer with the portability of a laptop, perfect in the office and as a stay-at-home-solution. Dell Latitude 7420 features: The Latitude 7420 features includes Intel’s 11th generation i5 and i7 processors, a 14” 4K display, 720P IR webcam, and Intel UHD integrated graphics. It…

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laptop costs ownership

The Hidden Cost of Laptop Ownership

After these last two years we’ve all learned how important it is for businesses to be able to provide employees with mobile computing devices. In the past, laptops were reserved for “C Suite”, Senior Managers and traveling sales executives. But all of that changed with the pandemic. During these times, many organizations rushed out and…

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The worlds most Circular company for your IT

The worlds most Circular Economy company for your IT

This is a BOLD statement, but one that I truly believe InnoVent uniquely delivers in a space that is currently seeing numerous businesses, saying they provide a sustainable solution which doesn’t change decades old business models or it makes the customer pay more… InnoVent has been on a journey since we started 17 years ago, and has…

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Best laptops for business 2019

What’s the best business laptop 2021?

Choosing the right laptop for your office is a serious decision and it’s easy to get it wrong. Oxford Economics surveyed 3,000 users from companies all over the world, a massive 76% said that inferior and slow IT was holding back their performance in the workplace. The specification for the laptop computer is obviously very…

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want your employees to work from home

Why the Coronavirus will affect some accountancy firms more than others.

Accountancy firms with staff working from home, or maybe another location, have discovered a major competitive advantage. Provided, of course, that management recognises that it is a different model requiring different management skills. Covid-19 has just pushed that competitive advantage to a whole new level. Traditionally, accountancy firms have been slower on the uptake than…

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sale and leaseback IT equipment

Sale and Leaseback your IT equipment: Pros and Cons

IT equipment is one of the fastest depreciating assets a company will ever own. It makes little sense to have company cash tied up in computers when operating lease rates are so incredibly low – and come with many other benefits too. Many companies have capital tied up in IT equipment that could be far…

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Accountants working from home

Want your employees to be able to work from home?

As the Coronavirus puts increasing pressure on business, more and more employers are looking to give their staff the ability to work from home. The business case for enabling staff to work remotely was well-made long before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. This year the need has simply become even greater. Why employees working…

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legal firms coronavirus

Why the Coronavirus will affect some law firms more than others.

Having staff working from home, or simply at another location has proved to be a major competitive advantage. The threat of the Coronavirus has just pushed that competitive advantage to a new level. Law firms have been slower than most other sectors to adopt new technology in their practices. In particular, the adoption of cloud…

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best computer leasing company

Choosing the best Computer Leasing Company.

10 things you need to know before you invest in new business computers. There was a time when all computer leasing companies were pretty much the same – at least when it came to price. As an IT Director, Head of Finance or Purchase Manager, if you got three quotes for a lease deal on…

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Mobile tech funds

Mobile Tech Funds have had their day.

Businesses have been using “Mobile Technology Funds” for a long time. When a business takes out a phone contract it is given a “virtual pot of money” by the airtime company. This is commonly known as a “mobile tech fund”. This fund is used to buy mobile phones and air time without having to make…

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buy or lease my computers

Leasing versus buying Computers. How to dramatically reduce your IT spend.

Leasing versus buying and the real cost of using old technology. Slow computers have been shown to massively impact on company performance. Oxford Economics surveyed 3,000 users from companies all over the world. A massive 76% said that inferior and slow IT was holding back their performance in the workplace. On average each member of…

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Lease computers and laptops

Lease Computers and Laptops at the best price ever.

We are the leading specialist IT lease company for leasing computers and laptops. Why are we the “leading specialist”? Simple – first our prices are the lowest and secondly our customer service is the highest. Those are the two things our customers tell us they care about the most. So whether you want to lease…

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refurbished laptops for sale

Refurbished Laptops for sale or lease.

Modern laptops are generally very well made. True, not all manufacturers build to the same high quality. Companies like, say, Apple or HP, have very good reputations. But even outside of these brands, the overall quality levels are much higher these days. The thing that will surprise you then is not that refurbished laptops are…

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Selling your IT equipment “As-a-Service”.

As-a-Service” solutions have been grabbing headlines in the technology community and with good reason. The idea of providing the three prongs of hardware, software and services together in one package is something that is proving to be revolutionary. What is an As-a-Service solution? Quite simply it is where a typical hardware device is bundled with…

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Sales Team Training

How to Increase Sales Skills Through Training.

Did you know that 46 per cent of sales people originally didn’t intend to go into sales as a profession? So this means that almost half of your sales team might not have the educational and professional background necessary to meet sales quotas right away. You can support your sales team by providing training that…

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Second Life IT for a green world.

At InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use (up-cycling) of technology assets. Giving IT assets a Second Life is vital because it reduces unnecessary waste, and provides affordable computing to users in the UK and Africa. InnoVent processes thousands of end of lease IT assets every month in our reprocessing centres in the UK and…

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It disposal services

Why your Business Should Up-cycle your Electronic Waste

Why Electronic Recycling is out and Up-cycling is in… An important aspect of running a successful business is keeping up to date with technology.  The by-product of this is periodic updates of your office electronics and devices. While upgrading from outdated technology to high-speed, sleek-looking, new gadgets feels empowering – the old devices that have…

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What is E-Waste

What is E-Waste and How does it Impact the Environment?

What is E-Waste and how can we create a more sustainable policy? Electronic Waste or E-waste is a popular name for electronic products nearing the end of their ‘current life.’  Example of electronic products would include computers, mobile phones or cell phones, tablets, televisions, stereos, and fax machines. So everything we use at the office…

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computers for nurseries

InnoVent – The leading Children’s Nursery IT Provider

InnoVent specialises in providing innovative technology products, services and funding solutions to children’s nurseries. We have a wide range of computers, tablets and phones that are perfect for the day nursery and nursery schools. InnoVent provides new and refurbished desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones for children’s nurseries as a simple easy to budget monthly…

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Laptops, Ipad, computer, School, Lease

Our Guide For Schools Wanting To Lease IT Equipment

School ICT Budgets and how leasing helps. School budgets are constantly being squeezed. At the same time, the demand for ICT within education is ever increasing. The demand to “do more for less” has never been so great. Leasing assets like Laptops, Desktops and Ipads eliminates the requirement for precious capital budgets. It also means…

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Corporate Responsibility Is At The Heart Of Our Business.

Africa Focused. Throughout South Africa and in other developing world economies in sub Saharan Africa, investment is needed to educate young people. Historical jobs in farming and other land-based occupations are rapidly being replaced and we believe that an education centred on ICT will build future entrepreneurs and help the economies in deprived areas grow….

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2nd Life IT Refurbished Computer Equipment

At InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets, giving assets a 2nd Life, as it reduces unnecessary waste, and provides affordable computing to users in the UK and Africa. InnoVent processes thousands of end of lease IT assets every month in our reprocessing centers in the UK and Africa. The assets we receive back…

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InnoVent is the leading UK Asset and Lease Management Specialist for New and Refurbished IT equipment.

We have one aim: reduce our clients' total cost of IT ownership. 

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