InnoVent, a 21st Century IT Leasing Company


InnoVent is an Ethical and Sustainably Focused UK Technology Asset and Lease Management Specialist.

Our business is built around the core principle of rental and re-rental of technology and workplace assets, we focus on providing funding solutions to UK organisations for an initial rental period and then we “up-cycle” retired UK assets in our refurbishment facilities in the UK or South Africa and re-deploy up-cycled equipment to schools, local communities and businesses in the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. 

Computer Laboratory fully equipment with Qrent re-rental ICT equipment

Corporate Responsibility is at the heart of our business.

Our aim as an organisation is to reduce waste in the technology industry through our complete lifecycle management service. We help our clients to take care of the environment and give something back to the developing world through the safe and ethical rental and re-rental of technology.


as a service   subscription model

InnoVent supports the sustainable ‘up-cycling’ of technology, up-cycling adds value to redundant UK hardware through repairs and component upgrades in our reconditioning centers.

We recondition and re-lease the majority of the hardware we receive back from UK clients providing affordable access to technology that enables African schools, universities, small businesses and charities to grow their efficiency.

Our unique business model saves UK corporates money, by reducing the total cost of ownership during the primary period of an asset’s life and, after up-cycling by InnoVent, provides affordable computing to developing nations in Africa, while enhancing your corporate responsibility credentials, a genuine "Win-Win" for all parties involved.

Please download a copy of our Company Brochure which encapulates information on our business.

Financial Management

Financial Management

InnoVent lowers the effective cost of finance for technology assets to between -3% and 7% per annum. We achieve this through our residual value management and accompanying refresh of technology assets.

We match the anticipated operational life of equipment to a tailored financing term.

Financial management will often involve the disposal of the existing estate by means of remarketing services or a sale and leaseback. This removes disposal obligations, recovers cash and helps enable technology transformation programmes.


Up-cycle, Re-furbish, Re-use

Up-cycle, Re-furbish, Re-use
After securely data purging all data bearing assets to InfoSec Level 5 and comprehensively testing all equipment, InnoVent's UK assets are shipped to our African businesses for processing.

Qrent, InnoVent's sister businesses up-cycles, refurbishes and remanufacturers assets returned at end of the lease to InnoVent. Qrent re-rent and re-deploys a wider range of technology to schools, universities and businesses in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.