Time's running out for your Windows 11 Upgrade (and Windows 12 is right around the corner)

Time's running out for your Windows 11 Upgrade (and Windows 12 is right around the corner)

The Countdown has started

The clock is ticking…Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 by October 2025. This means that failure to upgrade to Windows 11 poses a serious threat to corporate cybersecurity as you will not have access to software updates.

In this blog, we'll explore the urgency of making the switch, the common challenges businesses face, and how InnoVent's innovative solutions can make the transition smooth, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

The challenge to upgrade to Windows 11

Many businesses in the UK have yet to embrace Windows 11, and various factors contribute to this delay. One significant obstacle is hardware limitations; Windows 11 mandates a minimum of an 8th generation processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage. Budget constraints also play a role, as the cost of upgrading both software and hardware can be a limiting factor for a business.

Another factor influencing the delay is the familiarity businesses and their employees have developed with Windows 10. The transition to Windows 11 poses a challenge for end-users as they must adapt to the new look and feel of Windows 10.

A smooth and cost-effective transition to Windows 11

InnoVent offers the ideal solution for businesses looking to upgrade without breaking the bank. Our range of corporate standard refurbished laptops-2nd Life IT- not only exceeds the minimum requirements for Windows 11 but also provides an unbeatable price point, with savings up to 40% compared to the price of new.

With specifications like Intel i5 10th Gen processors, 16GB of RAM, and 480GB storage, our Premium Range of 2nd Life IT ensures your business stays ahead with Dell, Lenovo and HP’s corporate models.

Refurbished excellence

InnoVent's refurbishment process guarantees a product that performs and looks as good as new. Our Grade A refurbishment process includes:

  • Data removal
  • Performance testing to reduce any potential issues.
  • Upgrade: memory, solid disk drive and new batteries
  • Cosmetic refresh: including keyboard reprint and revinyling
  • Relicencing and imaging.

Backed by InnoVent’s 2nd Life Warranty Service for the duration of the subscription, businesses can enjoy peace of mind and optimal performance from their upgraded devices.

Our subscription model

Choosing InnoVent’s 2nd Life IT not only offers cost savings up to 40% but also introduces a sustainable approach to IT management. Our subscription model allows businesses to spread the cost of IT over three years, providing fixed payments for budgeting ease. This model encourages a disciplined refresh strategy, preventing obsolescence and maintaining productivity.

Mix and Match: New and Refurbished Equipment

For many of our clients, a mix of new and refurbished equipment helps them meet the diverse requirements of their end-users while optimizing costs. Take Mary Ward Center recent experience with InnoVent, where they refresh their IT estate for their new offices in London with a mix of New Monitors and 2nd Life IT refurbished laptops. You can read about their experience here: Mary Ward Center Case Study

Windows 12 is coming

With the anticipation of Windows 12 on the horizon later this year, staying ahead in your technological journey is more crucial than ever. InnoVent is committed to keeping your business future-proof, offering innovative solutions that pave the way for a smooth transition to the next generation of operating systems.

Get in touch and let’s ensure your business stays secure, efficient, and environmentally conscious during this essential upgrade.

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