Intel Meteor Lake 14th Gen Processor: Corporate Device Launch Guide

Intel Meteor Lake 14th Gen Processor: Corporate Device Launch Guide

As spring approaches, the corporate technology world is about to meet Intel's latest 14th generation processor, code-named "Meteor Lake." Just as snowdrops and daffodils peek their heads above ground, manufacturers are introducing new laptops powered by this latest technology.

Performance and Efficiency

Meteor Lake processors boast performance levels comparable to the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors, launched this same time last year, but with an interesting twist – they operate at half the power consumption. Intel's innovation includes the introduction of lower-power E-cores, which efficiently handle lighter tasks. This intelligent design frees up the main cores to focus on more demanding tasks, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient computing experience.

Naming Convention Update

In a notable change, Intel has decided to drop the familiar "i" from its CPU products' names. The traditional "i3, i5, or i7" nomenclature will no longer be used, signaling a new era in Intel's branding strategy.

Upcoming Releases

The major manufacturers are gearing up to unveil their new lineups featuring Intel's 14th gen processors. Here's what to expect:

  • March 19th: Dell will be launching the 14th gen, we expect to be named Dell Latitude 7540.
  • Late March: Samsung follows suit with its own take on the Meteor Lake-powered laptops.
  • Sometime April: If history repeats itself, Lenovo's ThinkPad series will make an appearance next. We expect them to launch what we think will be the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 5
  • April/May: Closing out the lineup, HP is set to unveil its latest creations, possibly including the HP Elitebook 840 G10

All of these devices will participate in our Turn IT Green initiative.

Turn IT Green Initiative: Reducing Environmental Impact Together

The Turn IT Green initiative focuses on extending the useful life of corporate devices through three different stages, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions generated by manufacturing and e-waste. Join a community of businesses, charities, and end-users that are working collectively to reduce the environmental impact of corporate devices while reducing their IT costs and meeting their sustainability commitments.

Explore Our Turn IT Green Initiative here and decide in which stage you'd like your organisation to participate:

  • First User: Embrace the role of the First User with a brand new corporate device, saving around 20% of your IT budget.
  • Second User: Opt for a "as good as new" refurbished device as the Second User, saving around 40% of your IT budget.
  • Mix & Match: Or choose a combination of both with our Mix & Match approach, focusing on right-sourcing the technology to match your business needs. Many of our clients benefit from our ability to "mix and match" new and 2nd Life equipment under the same lease agreement. For example, pairing new large monitors with either a 2nd Life desktop or laptop provides them with an extremely cost-effective, agile, and scalable solution.

Explore our Turn IT Green initiative and decide how your organisation can contribute to a greener, more sustainable future while optimising your IT budget.

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