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The Sustainable Path: How to Future-Proof Your Business Laptops

The Sustainable Path: How to Future-Proof Your Business Laptops

Each year more businesses are increasingly recognizing the significance of adopting a more sustainable approach. IT departments can significantly contribute to the Green Credentials of a company - through the careful selection and management of their IT estate. Learn here how to future-proof your corporate devices.

Intel Meteor Lake 14th Gen Processor: Corporate Device Launch Guide

As spring approaches, the corporate technology world is about to meet Intel's latest 14th generation processor, code-named "Meteor Lake."

Tech Insights 2024 | Poll

We're embarking on a mission to gather some valuable insights, and we need your help. 

We've put together a quick poll aimed at understanding how different industries approach technology. It's nothing too complicated—just a few questions about your preferences when it comes to tech procurement, disposal, and management.

Time's running out for your Windows 11 Upgrade (and Windows 12 is right around the corner)

The clock is ticking…Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 by October 2025. This means that failure to upgrade to Windows 11 poses a serious threat to corporate cybersecurity as you will not have access to software updates.

Cost of Giving Crisis: How IT can help charities lower their operational costs

Charities nationwide are struggling with the challenges caused by the Cost of Giving Crisis. A practical solution for charities to reduce operational costs lies in the realm of IT. 

Choosing Sustainable Tech: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple & Microsoft Products

If you are updating your equipment in 2024, consider refreshing your IT with devices that align with the Turn IT Green initiative—a sustainable approach aimed at extending the useful life of corporate devices. 

What is Turn IT Green?

Discover the initiative where strategic timing, high quality processes and the power of a community can transform corporate devices into the sustainable solution your business was asking for. 

Can Cold Weather Affect Your Laptop's Performance?

Here are some essential tips to ensure your computer stays at its best in chilly temperatures.

The Sustainable Path: How to Future-Proof Your Business Laptops

Year after year businesses are increasingly recognizing the significance of adopting a more sustainable approach. While efforts to reduce paper usage and adopt energy-efficient systems have been at the forefront, there’s an often overlooked avenue where IT departments can significantly contribute to the Green Credentials of a company - through the careful selection and management of their IT estate.

Strength in Diversity: Mix and Match new and refurbished IT Equipment

In the world of technology, the temptation to have the latest and most advanced devices is undeniable. However, at InnoVent we challenge this belief and encourage businesses to take a more sustainable and financially responsible approach when adopting technology.

Maximising Budgets: A Guide to Leasing IT for Non-Profit Organisations

Charitable organisations operate in a world where every penny counts, striving to make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve. This is where InnoVent’s strategic approach comes to the forefront, enabling charities to maximize their budgets and optimize their impact.

Exploring the Shared Ownership Model in IT: How does it work and benefit businesses?

Through this approach, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of technology assets while offering businesses across the UK access to great technology at affordable prices, contributing to a circular economy.

Benefits of Leasing IT Equipment for Schools

Schools face the challenge of providing students with the latest technology and equipment while staying within budget. Leasing IT equipment offers a viable solution to this problem

Why rice is not the best option to dry a wet device (and what is the best alternative)

We’ve seen it loads of times: placing a wet phone or a laptop in a container with rice promises to be a magical solution. However, this is not the most reliable method...

Exploring features and benefits of the Intel 13th Gen Processor: Should businesses upgrade or wait?

In recent months, computer manufacturers worldwide have unveiled their latest products featuring the cutting-edge Intel "Raptor Lake" Chip: the 13th Generation Core Processor.

2nd Life IT: a New Generation of Refurbished Laptops is here

We are proud to introduce our latest range of refurbished corporate laptops: the 2nd Life Premium Range, the most powerful of its kind in the market to date.

UK Heatwave | How to look after a laptop in hot weather

In light of the country's current heatwave, it's a good time to remember these simple recommendations on how to care for your corporate device under extreme conditions.

How to look after screens: phones, laptops, monitors and more

Few simple tips can make a huge difference. Learn how to take care of your device's screens.

How charities can reduce operational costs through IT

Managing a charity’s budget is not an easy task. Learn from Mary Ward: Blackfriars Settlement experience on how to reduce operation costs through IT equipment.

Benefits of refreshing IT equipment on time

When was the last time you refreshed your IT equipment? Discover the benefits of renewing your devices after 3 years in this blog!

How the cost of living crisis could bring Desktops PC back to life

For many years the industry has been foreseeing the end of the Desktop Computer...but the current cost of living crisis might change that.

Pros and Cons of thin and lightweight laptops

Lightweight laptops tend to be a popular device....unless you work in an IT department. Learn about the cons and pros about thin and lightweight machines in this blog

End of Lease Asset Collection Service

Only available to lease agreements with over 100 devices

Best Laptops for 2023 Business Edition

Our selection of the best corporate laptops for 2023, including Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and HP.

Simple tips for improving laptop performance

Here are our top 5 tips for laptop care for optimum performance.

InnoVent Leasing celebrates its 10th anniversary

Celebrating a decade of InnoVent

Guide How to look after a mobile phone

Discover 5 simple tips to proper care for your corporate mobile phone.

We visited The Gunpowder Plot immersive experience in London

Learn all about this exciting experience and how InnoVent helped bring it to life.

Zero Touch Deployment meaning (in simple terms)

What is a Zero Touch Deployment? What does it mean?

Refurbished vs remanufactured what is the difference

Learn about these two processes's similarities and differences. 

A flexible laptop solution for a business’s graduate program

First impressions matter.  We know that you want to give your graduates and interns the best possible welcome to your business

Dell, Lenovo and HP Best (and affordable) laptops for business in 2022

If you are looking for a great – and most important affordable –  laptop for your business in 2022, keep reading…

Second Life IT As good as new and up to half the price

Here at InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets by giving them a Second Life. This reduces unnecessary waste on our planet and provides affordable computing to organisations.

Can you rent business laptops for a short term?

Yes, you can! We are thrilled to announce a Short Term Rental service of InnoVent´s Market Leading 2nd Life Refurbished Laptops.

Best laptops for business in 2022 - Dell Latitude 7420

The new Dell’s Latitude 7420 is an excellent choice for businesses who want the power of a desktop computer with the portability

The Hidden Cost of Laptop Ownership

After these last two years we’ve all learned how important it is for businesses to be able to provide employees with mobile computing devices.

The worlds most Circular Economy company for your IT

This is a BOLD statement, but one that I truly believe InnoVent uniquely delivers in a space that is currently seeing numerous businesses, 

What’s the best business laptop 2021?

Choosing the right laptop for your office is a serious decision and it’s easy to get it wrong.

Why the Coronavirus will affect some accountancy firms more than others

Accountancy firms with staff working from home, or maybe another location, have discovered a major competitive advantage. 

Sale and Leaseback your IT equipment - Pros and Cons

IT equipment is one of the fastest depreciating assets a company will ever own.

Want your employees to be able to work from home?

As the Coronavirus puts increasing pressure on business, more and more employers are looking to give their staff the ability to work from home.

Why the Coronavirus will affect some law firms more than others

Having staff working from home, or simply at another location has proved to be a major competitive advantage. The threat of the Coronavirus has just pushed that competitive advantage to a new level.

Choosing the best Computer Leasing Company

10 things you need to know before you invest in new business computers.

Mobile Tech Funds have had their day

Businesses have been using “Mobile Technology Funds” for a long time. When a business takes out a phone contract it is given a “virtual pot of money” by the airtime company. 

Don't buy another computer until you've read this

Leasing versus buying Computers. How to dramatically reduce your IT spend.

Lease your computers and laptops

Lease Computers and Laptops at the best price ever.

Refurbished Laptops for sale or lease

Modern laptops are generally very well made. True, not all manufacturers build to the same high quality. Companies like, say, Apple or HP, have very good reputations. But even outside of these brands, the overall quality levels are much higher these days.

Selling your IT equipment 'As-a-Service'

As-a-Service” solutions have been grabbing headlines in the technology community and with good reason.

How to Increase Sales Skills Through Training

Did you know that 46 per cent of sales people originally didn’t intend to go into sales as a profession?

Second Life IT for a green world

Giving IT assets a Second Life is vital because it reduces unnecessary waste, and provides affordable computing to users in the UK and Africa.

Why your Business Should Up-cycle your Electronic Waste

An important aspect of running a successful business is keeping up to date with technology.  The by-product of this is periodic updates of your office electronics and devices.

What is E-Waste and How does it Impact the Environment?

What is E-Waste and how can we create a more sustainable policy?

InnoVent - The leading Children's Nursery IT Provider

InnoVent specialises in providing innovative technology products, services and funding solutions to children’s nurseries.

Our Guide for Schools Wanting to Lease IT Equipment

School budgets are constantly being squeezed. At the same time, the demand for ICT within education is ever increasing. 

Corporate Responsibility is at the Heart of Our Business

Throughout South Africa and in other developing world economies in sub Saharan Africa, investment is needed to educate young people. 

Second Life IT Refurbished Computer Equipment

At InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets, giving assets a 2nd Life, as it reduces unnecessary waste