Save up to 40% on our refurbished laptop portfolio, that includes Dell, HP and Lenovo corporate models.


Our refurbished IT is more reliable than brand new equipment. Our refurbished equipment failure rate is less than 1%, while new equipment's can be over 5%.


All our 2nd Life IT equipment comes with warranty for the life of the subscription. Plus, we provide a repair service for user induced damage.


By giving laptops a Second Life we avoid unnecessary e-waste and help reduce CO2 emissions.

you can trust

Excellence takes many steps. All our 2nd Life IT products go through an extensive and stringent refurbishment process to ensure an optimal performance. We trust its efficiency so much that we’ve created a first rate warranty for our clients, available for the life of the subscription.

Fun fact: The failure rate of new equipment is around to 5%, while refurbished IT is less than 1%. It makes sense when you consider that new IT equipment simply hasn't been road-tested. All our refurbished equipment goes through an substantial testing process.

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laptops Catalogue

Our selection of business grade laptops include Dell, HP and Lenovo models to suit all user needs. Explore all the options available in our catalogue including the NEW Premium Range of 2nd Life IT

Our A Grade Level
refurbishment process

Our 2nd Life laptops and desktops are refurbished to as good as new
and undergo an astringent process to give them a sustainable second life.


Mix & Match
New and Second Life Equipment


For many of our clients, we provide a mixture of new and 2nd Life equipment focusing
on "right sourcing" the technology to match a client’s end user requirements.

Does every end user require the latest technology? The ability to “mix and match”
new and 2nd Life equipment helps get your team the right technology while stretching budgets further.

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Better for the planet. Better for business

A new laptop has a huge impact on the environment, from the resources it consumes to the amount of CO2 it produces, and then are typically disposed of after three years in landfills. Re-using technology efficiently and effectively is the sustainable alternative.

By giving devices a 2nd Life we are reducing unnecessary waste, preserving resources and providing affordable computing to organisations.

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Better for the planet. Better for business

2nd Life IT FAQs

Can I try the equipment?

Yes! With our Short Term rental solution you can try out our 2nd Life IT products. They are available for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rentals. This is also a great option if you have migration projects, training courses or even temporary staff.

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What is the standard configuration of a 2nd Life IT laptop?

All our 2nd Life IT have as a standard a 480 GB Solid State Drive and 16 GB of memory, ideal for running Microsoft Office, including Teams, Zoom and many other applications with no latency.

How does the 2nd Life IT warranty work?

All 2nd Life IT equipment is covered by a Return to Base (RTB) repair or replace warranty service. Should the equipment fail to work, InnoVent will attempt to repair the unit. Or if that is not possible, we will replace the asset with either the same or better specification of equipment. The warranty covers the equipment for the entire period of the subscription contract.

We can also provide repair services for user induced damage, smashed screens, liquid damaged keyboards, etc. at an additional charge.

What happens if the equipment gets damaged by a user?

Although user damage is not covered by our warranty, we still have your back. If we can economically repair the damage done to the equipment we will repair it, at a cost.

If the unit is beyond economical repair we can provide a like for like or better replacement (subject to your approval of the repair or replacement)