Sale & Leaseback: recoup capital from your IT equipment

Recoup capital for IT equipment your business already bought and start a journey that will enable you to lower costs and implement a sustainable management discipline.

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Sale & Leaseback
Capital Returned

Capital invested in technology is returned to your business to use for other projects.

Fixed Payments

Fixed and subsidised subscriptions payments allow for easy budgeting.

Regular Refresh

Use your subscription to help implement regular refresh of technology

Circular Economy

By providing access instead of ownership this approach limits e-waste, mining new raw materials and helps reduce CO2

How does Sale & Leaseback work?

Sell InnoVent your IT equipment and we will lease it back to you. Is that simple.

Besides returning the capital spent on technology equipment to your business, lowering IT costs and helping to implement an asset management discipline for your technology estate, our Sale & Leaseback solution is a sustainable approach where devices will be given a 2nd Life and reused again as part of InnoVent's approach to the Circular Economy.

The financing term can be matched to your typical refresh cycle and provides the same flexibility as a traditional lease agreement.

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How does Sale & Leaseback work?

How the Shared
Ownership Model works

A device’s journey with InnoVent starts with a first corporate user who will make use of it for a period of 3 years (usually).

When their lease term is over, the equipment returns to InnoVent and undergoes a refurbishment process that will result in the device being as good as new, both functionally and aesthetically, and ready for a second user such as another business, a charity, a school or sometimes also an end-user. 

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