Secure IT Disposal Services for Business

We can arrange collection of your old IT equipment, securely data wipe it, dispose of it in an enviromentally responsible manner and provide a complete IT audit of the process.

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Secure IT disposal

To begin the disposal process, we can arrange collection of the equipment and transfer it to one of our secure facilities

Data Wipe

Using Blancco's certified software, we ensure all data on the equipment is wiped clean.


Those devices than can have a Second Life are submitted to a refurbishment process to be re-used. By providing computers a second life we avoid unnecessary e-waste and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Safe Disposal

If a device cannot be re-used, it is disposed of in a safe and enviromentally responsible manner in accordance with e-waste regulations.

Join the Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is a now a vital part of how we all operate. Instead of throwing away your assets when they no longer have value to you or piled them up in a cupboard, you can dispose of them in a sustainable way to match your Green Credentials.

Our business is built around the rental and re-rental of IT assets. Our Shared Ownership Model means we really want the devices back at the end of your lease, as we can provide them an efficient and secure second life, avoiding unnecesary e-waste and preserving resources.

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Join the Circular Economy
Corporate Equipment Trade-ins

Corporate Equipment Trade-ins

InnoVent is constantly looking for good quality ex-corporate equipment. We are more than happy to discuss a trade-in where we could refurbish your equipment and provide it to charities, education and those clients that are in search of great technology at a more affordable price. 

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Shared Ownership Model

A device’s journey with InnoVent starts with a first corporate user who will make use of it for a period of 3 years (usually).

When their lease term is over, the equipment returns to InnoVent and undergoes a refurbishment process that will result in the device being as good as new, both functionally and aesthetically, and ready for a second user such as another business, a charity, a school or sometimes also an end-user. 

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Secure IT Disposal FAQs

What regulations apply to our disposal services?

InnoVent will ensure compliance with all current and pending legislation associated with recycling all computer equipment. This includes the Environmental Protection Act (1990), the Hazardous Waste Regulations, and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

What happens when a device can't have a Second Life?

There comes a time when equipment no longer has commercial value as working IT.  If there is no chance for the device to have a Second Life, then a secure IT disposal is the only viable option.

What type of devices do you dispose of?

We dispose of all types of IT equipment. The list includes desktops & laptops, audio visual, phone systems, mobile phones, monitors, printers and copiers, servers and storage devices. 

If at all possible we will attempt to give the equipment a second life. So we will only dispose of it when we absolutely have to and there is no other viable option.

What system do you use to data wipe devices?

For both your and our peace of mind, we will always securely purge devices with Blancco Software and provide a complete IT audit of the process.