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Transforming Mary Ward’s Center new offices in Stratford with a Sustainable IT Solution


The Mary Ward Center is a prominent charity and educational institution with a rich history and a strong commitment to providing educational opportunities and legal services to assistance to those seeking legal aid, ensuring access to justice and fair treatment.

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2nd Life IT
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The moment finally arrived! After years of planning, Mary Ward Center has officially moved to their new offices in Stratford in a well-located building completely refurbished to fit the charity’s needs.

Sue Craggs, the Deputy CEO of Mary Ward Center, shed light on the strategic decision to relocate:

“We made a decision a few years ago that we were going to move from Central London as the lease of our old building in Queen Square was coming to end. We did a research about where the need for adult education and legal services was, and that’s why we chose Stratford”

The relocation provided a great opportunity to update and improve their IT infrastructure, while keeping a budget-friendly approach in true InnoVent style:

The solution for Mary Ward Center mixed New and Refurbished IT equipment, carefully selected to meet the charity’s specifications and budget. The supplied equipment included a selection of our 2nd Life IT range of fully refurbished laptops (HP Elitebook 840 G6), new HP monitors (HP E24 G5), docking stations and HP 800 G4 Mini Desktops. Plus, keyboards & mice to complete the setup, donated by InnoVent.

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This blend of new and refurbished equipment not only brings the financial benefit of lower IT costs for a charity, but through our subscription model, the benefit of spreading that cost over a period of 3 years, and the peace of mind of having fully supported refurbished IT equipment.

2nd Life IT products have full warranty support

Adrian Saint, InnoVent’s COO commented:

We wanted to bring to Mary Ward a similar proposition as we did with their subsidiary Blackfriars Settlement. We wanted to make sure that we provided Mary Ward with the latest technology and with a very clean solution where anyone could move from one desk to another and just plug in their laptop on the usb-c docking station. They are now free to roam everywhere in the building.

InnoVent's successful solution and setup demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by reusing refurbished IT equipment in line with our shared values of caring for the environment and supporting the community.



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