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Secure IT disposal services, Nationwide IT asset disposal services and destruction.

InnoVent recycles old IT equipment including all computers, phones, printers, servers and laptops. Our asset disposal services help our clients enhance their CSR and green credentials.

The circular economy is now a fundamental part of how we work and live. Simply throwing away old computers is no longer acceptable. Not acceptable to your customers nor to your Board of Directors.

So our leasing plans are all geared around one principle. Unlike most other companies, we really do want that kit back at the end of its life. The benefits for you are enormous. You not only achieve a green recycling agenda but you also get much lower leasing rates at the same time.

We also collect, data wipe and provide a full IT audit of all of this equipment completely free of charge.

So give one of our friendly team a call on 020 7123 4570 or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Innovent: Computer recycling with total data cleansing.

IT disposal services, and particularly computer disposal services, is a very important part of our business.

In 2019, the world will see the highest rates of electronic waste ever recorded. It is obvious that our ability to deal with e-waste has not caught up to the rapid growth of the modern electronics industry. Clearly we need a new approach.

Innovent’s mission statement is to get the longest life possible out of all of the IT equipment it supplies.

Unlike other lease companies who will often simply throw your old IT into the skip, we take a totally different approach.

So we take back the IT equipment we supply at the end of the lease term and find a second user for it. As part of that process, we ensure there is absolutely no loss of data. All equipment is totally refurbished and we cleanse and remove all data before we lease it to someone else. We may even find a third life user for the equipment.

However, there comes a time when it no longer has commercial value as working IT. Secure IT disposal is then the only viable option.

InnoVent will ensure compliance with all current and pending legislation associated with recycling all computer equipment. This includes the Environmental Protection Act (1990), the Hazardous Waste Regulations, and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). So when we recycle computers all of the applicable legislation is strictly adhered to.

Green IT disposal services for business – Totally Secure Disposal Company.

Computer Disposal Services UK
Computer Disposal Services UK

Our clients understand the importance of having a robust Green agenda within their company.

In many cases, their customers are already demanding that they have a very clear policy for sustainability. IT and how it is disposed of is a very important part of that plan. So that is where we can help with our Nationwide collection and recycling service.

Our business model is to always get the longest possible life out of your technology. We do this by renting and then re-renting the IT equipment we supply. Sometimes our kit will even find a third or even fourth user. It’s important to recognise that not all users need the very latest IT – so that is where we come in.

Eventually, however, we accept that eventually, all kit will reach a point where it is unfit for service or not economically viable for refurbishing. Only then do we send it to secure IT recycling facilities. All of the recovered materials are then reused in other applications.

The current statistics for the increase in e-waste do not make happy reading. According to EPA, only 12.5% of global E-waste is currently recycled. This year, the world will see the highest rates of electronic waste in history.

Unfortunately, neither the UK nor the global infrastructure for dealing with e-waste has caught up to the rapid growth and innovation of the modern electronics industry.

But that does not mean there is no hope. Finally, there is an increasing appetite amongst companies for a much greener agenda and a better approach to how they both source and dispose of their IT.

The Circular Economy is now a vital part of how we all operate.
  • Our fully registered green disposal systems give your company a genuine green policy for IT. Environmentally friendly and approved green.
  • We provide certified secure data destruction.
  • Equipment disposal Waste Carriers License. ISO 14001 approved.
  • We understand the importance of secure data destruction. So that’s why leading blue-chip companies trust us to remove all their secure data. Our data erasure service is second to none and fully audited. All data-bearing devices are completely cleansed.
  • Totally secure IT disposal services. Full disposal and recycling service are available.
  • Our company is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Fully protected personal data. Data security has become a major factor over the last few years.
  • Satellite-tracked vehicles for complete security and peace of mind.
  • Ethical computer recycling service and computer disposal services. So every single computer, laptop and phone is recycled responsibly.
  • We provide a free detailed IT audit trail as part of our services for business. Full asset management service and management systems available if required.
  • Totally free collections. We also offer a Nationwide collection service across the whole of the UK. A very cost-effective solution.
  • We are a proven IT disposal specialist with a proven track record of excellence. So if you are looking for recycling companies in your area, please give us a call on 020 7123 4570 or drop us an email.
Innovent recycles old computers, phones and storage devices.

We dispose of all types of IT equipment. It’s not just computer disposal services.

The list includes Desktops & Laptops, Audio Visual, Phone Sytems, Mobile Phones, Monitors, Printers and Copiers, Servers and Storage Devices. If at all possible we will attempt to give the kit a second life. So we will only dispose of it when we absolutely have to and there is no other viable option.

We take IT disposal very seriously. In accordance with all relevant legislation, all the IT is broken down and recycled. We also supply you with a Certification of Compliance to prove your green credentials.

So green Policies are becoming a much more important factor these days. So whether you are a small SME or a large Blue Chip company we can help improve your green agenda.

Across all of our It disposal services for business, we only use partners who are members of the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance. This is key to everything we do.

So we make sure that all our partners operate to the highest industry standards for IT asset disposal. Part of this service is providing a nationwide secure end to end collection service using fully GPS tracked vehicles. We also provide detailed inventory reports and supply detailed data erasure certificates. So this means you have a detailed record of every piece of IT equipment.

Would you like more information on our IT disposal services for business?

Give one of our friendly team a call on 020 7123 4570 or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you to discuss your requirements.

Computer Disposal Services and IT Disposal Services. Customer Comments.

“Their post-lease re-sale business model not only suits our environmental policy but also significantly reduces our annual OPEX costs”. M.F. (Supply Manager for TUI).

“Innovent tick all our “Green Boxes”. M.F.

“Innovent make my job as a Supply Manager so much easier. They are very proactive and help keep my paperwork to an absolute minimum”.

“Innovent are great at getting back to me – excellent communication and very resp[onsive. I would definitely recommend them” P.A. Lawyers)

 “Most lease companies have no interest in getting back the IT they have supplied. Innovent is different. They value our old IT and make sure it goes on to find a new home. And we get the price benefits of that in all our lease agreements”.

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