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Creating a sustainable and flexible IT solution Enabling hybrid working at Wolferstans

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Founded in 1812, Wolferstans is a Plymouth based law firm that provides legal services to clients throughout Devon and Cornwall. Awarded one of The Times' Best Law Firms for 2022.

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2nd Life IT
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As part of its hybrid working model, Wolferstans wanted to ensure that it had the right technology to support its staff.

Finance Partner, Charlie Jones, was aware of InnoVent's business model and how we assist companies in acquiring and managing technology through our 2nd Life IT program. She was particularly interested in how adopting a circular economy strategy could benefit the firm.

Wolferstans was in need of 160 laptops that could be deployed using Microsoft AutoPilot, which they had already invested in, to make the process of imaging and deploying more effective. It was crucial for the firm that the laptops had 15-inch screens instead of the standard 13.3 or 14-inch screens. Charlie noted:

“I think the screen size is a bit of a show stopper for us to be honest. Nearly all our staff are working on 15.6inch screens at the moment and using one myself alongside an already bigger second screen, I know that I would really notice the change in size due to the way we use our software and I think most would.”

Having this in mind and to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams video conferencing, InnoVent sourced Lenovo ThinkBook 15s with 16GB RAM, which enabled them to utilise all its features.

The kit is supported by the InnoVent swap-out warranty and was deployed in three tranches to Plymouth. The laptops all built into over a three-year, one-time payment subscription. As a result, the firm can use its capital expenditure budget for other priorities while being assured that the equipment would be supported for three years.

“Having a disciplined refresh strategy for Wolferstans is very important to us. Being able to not only take advantage of a subscription payment model, but also have the equipment upgraded every three years was very appealing”

-Jo Draper, IT Manager

What about the laptops being replaced? Well, InnoVent purchased those from the firm at market rates, collected them, and securely wiped their data to have them ready for resale. We also upgraded those laptops that still had value to the firm with 16GB RAM, gave them a "service" and returned them fit for another 3 years use.

As a result, Wolferstans has found a sustainable solution, which provides them with flexibility, peace of mind, and at a very attractive price. Something different in the equipment financing market.

“As a firm we are very much committed to having a sustainable solution whereby technology can be reused. InnoVent’s 2nd Life proposition ticked that box for us, so we were keen to learn more”.


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