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A Law Firm’s sustainable IT Refresh with 2nd Life refurbished laptops

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London, Oxford, Swindon

RWK Goodman is a Law Firm that specialises in both business and private client law. These services include advice and support for the banking & finance and retail sectors, help for those who have been denied health insurance, medical negligence claims and much more.

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In the constantly evolving legal industry, prioritising responsible resource management to minimise environmental footprint is vital. RWK Goodman LLP recognises the importance of not only keeping their IT equipment up to date but also contributing to environmental sustainability. In 2020, they initially opted for 2nd Life IT products provided by InnoVent, driven primarily by financial considerations. This cost-effective alternative allowed them to save up to 50% compared to new equipment.

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Dave Eagle, the Director of IT at RWK Goodman, commended InnoVent's refurbishment process, stating,

"InnoVent does a great job at refreshing the kit before it comes out. The cases look good and shiny, they are high spec machines that have everything you would expect."

The Sustainability Commitment:

By refreshing their IT equipment every 3 years, RWK Goodman not only stays technologically up to date but also supports the refurbishment and maintenance of the equipment, aiming to extend its useful life from 3-4 to 7+ years.

Between May and June 2023, RWK Goodman embarked on refreshing the IT estate of their offices in Bath. And they decided to continue with 2nd Life IT’s refurbished laptops. This time, their decision was driven not only by cost-effectiveness but also by their commitment to sustainability.

According to Dave Eagle:

"We continued with 2nd Life IT when we refreshed mainly for our ESG and environmental commitments. We celebrate the fact that these are refurbished computers. They are high spec machines that have everything we expect from them. And the Sustainability is key for us. It shows we are not just throwing computers out. We are reusing kit that is perfectly good and has more life in it."

For this refresh, RWK Goodman chose 300 HP EliteBook 840 G5 laptops from InnoVent's 2nd Life IT range. These machines present an 8th-gen processor, come as standard with 16 GB of RAM, a 480 GB SSD, and are loaded with Windows 10. As with all 2nd Life equipment, a 3-year warranty is included, providing peace of mind that matches the life of their subscription.

Efficiency in Deployment:

InnoVent played a crucial role in the deployment of these laptops using a Zero Touch Deployment strategy with Microsoft AutoPilot. This approach resolved a common time issue faced by IT departments when deploying hundreds of devices. Manually setting up each device could take hours, but InnoVent's strategy significantly reduces this time.

To ensure a smooth transition, InnoVent managed the shipping of the laptops from our central warehouse to Bath in a phased manner. This avoided overwhelming RWK Goodman with 300 laptops at once. InnoVent also organised the return of the old HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptops with flexibility, allowing the IT department to manage the returns at their convenience rather than being rushed by a fixed end-of-lease date.

From Dual Screens to Curved Monitors:

Additionally, RWK Goodman also refitted the Midland Bridge House office, opting to replace the existing dual-screen setup with a single 34-inch HP curved monitor featuring USB-C Docking capability (HP P34hc G4). They required 200 of these monitors for the Bath office alone and plan to roll out this upgrade across their offices in London, Swindon, and Oxford.

curved monitors rwk goodman

An environmentally responsible choice

RWK Goodman's choice to refresh their IT estate with 2nd Life refurbished laptops showcased their commitment to environmental sustainability. By partnering with InnoVent, they efficiently deployed high-quality equipment while extending the life of their previous devices that will now go to a Third User, as part of InnoVent’s Shared Ownership Model. RWK Goodman's decision exemplifies how IT Departments can contribute to their company’s sustainability efforts for a greener future.


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