The worlds most Circular Economy company for your IT

The worlds most Circular company for your IT

This is a BOLD statement, but one that I truly believe InnoVent uniquely delivers in a space that is currently seeing numerous businesses, saying they provide a sustainable solution which doesn’t change decades old business models or it makes the customer pay more…

InnoVent has been on a journey since we started 17 years ago, and has seen us grow organically, expand internationally and help more clients adopt a sustainable method of IT procurement and their operations. Importantly our ethos and principles have continued today as they did on day 1.

What is the Circular Economy?

A Circular Economy seeks to decouple economic development from the finite resource consumption we are used to with traditional, take, make and use linear models. Essentially eliminating waste and enabling resources to be used in a continuing loop. It does this by recovering, reusing and refreshing as much as possible, thus improving the productivity and value of resources.

One of the key components of the Circular Economy is to provide Access instead of Ownership to equipment, and as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says “what benefit is there in owning a drill when you just want to put holes in your wall to hang a picture?”

What we do

One of the ways a organisation can begin having a positive impact to the environment is to adopt a leasing model on its IT asset devices.

Instead of purchasing laptops, tablets and servers outright, our clients have them maintained, refreshed, re-leased and eventually recycled with a lease solution from InnoVent. InnoVent is the leading Circular IT Lease and Asset Management provider with a re-use model that is unique in our sector.

We believe that good quality IT assets should not only have one life before they become part of the growing eWaste problem, but have multiple usages with a different set of users whose technology needs are different to yours.

To do this, we work with IT providers and directly with clients to help procure, deploy, manage, refresh and finance your IT investments so that you achieve a seamless lifecycle approach to your IT and get a real Device as a Service and not just supply, service or finance. This approach we have seen on numerous occasions can reduce IT costs in excess of 20%.

InnoVent don’t only fund your investment in devices for todays usage, we work collaboratively with customers to ensure the device chosen meets the needs of today, but also will be relevant and upgradable in the future for another set of users. This approach really sets us apart from other leasing businesses.

At the end of the period of usage we data erase, refurbish & upgrade devices, test and then re-lease to another set of users under our 2ndLifeIT proposition. With 2ndLifeIT we include an advanced replacement warranty service to ensure users have peace of mind when selecting InnoVent and a new proposition. 

When devices are beyond economic repair, we seek to re-use components, which includes melting plastics down to be 3D printed to form new parts for our 2ndLifeIT product. And only once we cannot go any further do we recycle product avoiding landfill and becoming an eWaste problem. Our approach is focused on Access and Usage and delivers the Real Circular Economy.

The worlds most Circular company for your IT

We don’t act like other leasing companies by disposing and selling end of lease returns to brokers when they are returned, in a “Stack it high, Sell it cheap and Sell Fast” approach.

Our 2ndLifeIT product is in continuous demand and to meet our client requirements our ex lease product cannot keep up with demand. Every month we are sourcing equipment externally including other leasing companies end of lease product so we can complete our processes, re- lease into clients and provide a True Circular Economy by providing access to another set of users.

What are the benefits of this approach to your organisation

  1. Delivers genuine cost savings and helps with cost avoidance strategies by keeping your IT up-to-date
  2. By embedding a culture of regular refresh we help reduce the risk of obsolescence and end of life costs
  3. Capital is kept in your organisation and can be directed towards core activities rather than depreciating IT
  4. Deliver a more sustainable use for your IT, for example a typical business grade laptop that is re-used can avoid up to 316KG of CO2 equivalents

What our customers say

Royds Withy King –

“InnoVent provided us with a very high quality, cost-effective solution and put the entire company onto one standardised laptop platform. Our own green credentials and desire to support the circular economy are very important to us so the sustainability benefits of refurbished laptops were an attractive added bonus and overall provided more than a traditional lease offering”

Doing it right

With the right technology choice, the right supplier, and the right lifecycle approach, being sustainable doesn’t have to cost the Earth, in fact it should cost you less and can help your employees and organisation succeed at a greater pace !

If sustainability is important to your organisation, and you want to see how a different approach to IT investments can make a real difference to your performance without impacting your usage of IT contact myself on 07917 452 620 or

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