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InnoVent is a technology leasing business, whose core mission is to maximise the useful life of technology equipment. We are firm believers in the Circular Economy and in driving the re-use of technology product by giving assets a 2nd Life. This business approach reduces unnecessary EWaste and provides affordable computing to businesses, schools and charities in the UK.

2nd Life IT

All of our products undergo a stringent refurbishment process that includes wiping client data securely from the device, performance testing with component replacement, cosmetic refurbishment and re-licencing and re-imaging.

Failure Rate

The typical failure rate of our 2nd Life equipment is less than 1%, compared to up to 5% for new equipment


Intelling offers a range of inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer care services, specialising in the business to consumer market. Headquartered in Manchester with additional premises in Belfast and Burnley, the Company currently has approximately 600 staff and has enjoyed year-on-year growth since its formation in 2012. Using in-house leading edge technology the company has developed a strong brand and provides a highly-tailored contact centre in support of well known customers. Clients currently contracted to Intelling include O2, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Serco and Octopus.

2020 Vision

Intelling is an existing customer of InnoVent having deployed 150 2nd life desktop devices in 2017 to their Belfast location. Throughout 2020 InnoVent worked to help modernise, refresh and support growth for Intelling across 650 devices and 3 sites.

The solution provided a refresh of 200 Windows 7 devices in January 2020 to InnoVent’s 2nd Life Lenovo M93 device. All devices were imaged to Intelling’s corporate image with project management, product supply and funding of Office Furniture, AV equipment and Access Controls included.

As Covid-19 took hold in the UK, Intelling won large amounts of business for the public sector and private sector as businesses moved contact centres onshore. This provided a short term challenge which required the rollout of 100 2nd Life HP ProDesk 400 and new HP E243 monitors. Within 3 days all devices were prepared and delivered to Belfast all ready to be deployed over the Easter weekend.

The final element of the Vision included the refresh and expansion of the 150 original units in Belfast. The project to deploy 250 2nd Life HP 800 G2 minis and new HP E243 monitors was completed in less than 3 weeks. All devices were imaged and ready to be deployed to users home location.

Throughout the 2020 vision Intelling have seen a dramatic reduction in support calls to the IT helpdesk, increased user satisfaction and a significant reduction in IT spend as they continue to utilise InnoVent’s unique 2nd Life IT Lease solution.


The CFO View

Throughout our dealings with InnoVent we have been challenged around our normal thinking on IT. Having always bought new devices and sweated for long periods, their concept has revolutionised how we do business.

We will never buy completely new IT solutions again as our users don’t demand the latest specifications for the tasks they undertake and the reduction in cost delivers even greater value for our business.

Moving to a 3 year operating lease has removed significant pressures on our Capex budget and means we now have a simple predictable payment making it easy for our cashflow budgeting.

Not only do we see a financial benefit but the enablement of our devices to be readily refreshed to the most appropriate devices when required has reduced our IT helpdesk spend and increased productivity of all users.

InnoVent stick to their values, are nimble and agile to deliver in challenging times and we look forward to our continued relationship.

Steve Taylor, CFO

InnoVent is the leading UK Asset and Lease Management Specialist for New and Refurbished IT equipment.

We have one aim: reduce our clients' total cost of IT ownership. 

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