Second Life IT: As good as new but half the price


Here at InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets by giving them a Second Life. This reduces unnecessary waste on our planet and provides affordable computing to organisations.

For many of our clients we provide a mixture of new and 2nd Life equipment focusing on right sourcing technology to match a client’s end user requirements. Not every end user requires the latest technology and the ability to mix and match new and 2nd life equipment helps stretch budgets further.

All our 2nd Life equipment is up-cycled to as good as new, and up to half the price of new equipment. 

The typical failure rate of our 2nd Life equipment is less than 1%, compared to up to 5% of new equipment. This is achieved by a high standard refurbishment process we provide to give them a second life.

In this process we securely data purge all data bearing assets. Then the device will undergo a rigorous testing process prior to an extensive refurbishment. The procedures stress test and prevent any potential issues that could affect the equipment´s future performance and reliability.

All devices are upgraded to ensure a minimum device specification, including as standard a 256 GB Solid State Drive and 16 GB memory. We can also configure devices to our client’s requirements.

We strive to create a finished product that is as good as new both aesthetically and functionally.

All 2nd Life laptops and desktop are relicensed with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Windows 11 Professional Operating System.

For your peace of mind, all 2nd Life equipment is covered by a swap out replacement warranty. Should the equipment fail to work, InnoVent will repair or replace it with either the same or better specification of equipment. The swap out replacement warranty covers the equipment for the entire period of the subscription contract.

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InnoVent is the leading UK Asset and Lease Management Specialist for New and Refurbished IT equipment.

We have one aim: reduce our clients' total cost of IT ownership. 

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