Our Guide For Schools Wanting To Lease IT Equipment

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School ICT Budgets and how leasing helps.

School budgets are constantly being squeezed. At the same time, the demand for ICT within education is ever increasing. The demand to “do more for less” has never been so great. Leasing assets like Laptops, Desktops and Ipads eliminates the requirement for precious capital budgets. It also means a predictable, easy-to-budget approach that helps manage assets and preserve cash-flow within schools.

Leasing provides schools with the means to maximise their available funds. So the existing budget can be used in other essential areas instead. With IT losing so much of its value so quickly, a low-cost lease is a perfect solution. In fact, nothing loses its value faster than computers and laptops so leasing is the obvious choice.

This is particularly true when the lease option is actually inexpensive than the buying option. It is also an effective way of achieving better cash management. Spreading the cost over 2 to 5 years can make a huge difference to your cash flow.

  • Leasing solutions for schools, colleges, universities and local authority.
  • Lease IT equipment for schools – fast delivery and complete support.
  • Get the best school equipment at the lowest possible prices.
  • No need to arrange to return the equipment at the end of your lease, we will collect it and wipe all data for you.
  • A full audit trail is provided for every item.
  • A totally green solution that is completely in line with your green agenda.
  • Improve your cash flow and save money compared with buying the IT yourself.
  • Choose a period of time for the lease that best suits your organisation.
  • The leading IT lease company for computers and laptops for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Lease brand new or refurbished computers and laptops.
  • Operating leases to suit your budget. Asset finance at its very best with complete peace of mind.

Computer equipment for schools: Starting to think about leasing a Laptop, Desktop or Ipad?

Before looking at leasing, schools will usually go through their normal commissioning process for the equipment. So this will involve a pre-purchasing review to identify the need, prepare the specification and obtaining quotes. It is at this stage that InnoVent can help with benchmarking and validating the capital purchase prices.

We will make sure that the acquisition costs are in line with market pricing. Overpaying for IT assets is a waste that no organisation can afford. We also make sure that you are not looking at equipment that is just coming to the end of its life. So if it is just about to be replaced by a new model we will tell you.

“We really like the fact that, unlike other lease companies, Innovent really do want our IT kit back at the end of the lease. This means we can get far better lease rates than anyone else can offer” …. TUI.

“Innovent’s prices are amazing. If you are thinking of leasing IT, whether new or refurbished, I strongly recommend you speak to them first”.

How InnoVent Leasing Can Help your school or college.


We are a specialist Technology Asset Management organisation. Our business is built around the core principle of rental and re-rental of technology. So this in order to maximise the use of that technology over a very long life. The fact that we actually want the equipment back when you have finished with it has two huge advantages:

  • The cost of the lease will be far less than with any other leasing company. Your savings will be huge.
  • We take the equipment back, totally wipe it free of all data and then rent it out to someone else. This satisfies your need to show your green credentials. Throwing it into the skip is simply unacceptable. But that’s literally what most lease companies do because they simply don’t want the kit back. At Innovent Leasing – we really do and we pass those benefits onto you.
Lease IT Equipment for Schools and Colleges.

We are the market leader in providing school leases that tick all the boxes. We focus first on providing funding solutions to UK teaching organisations for an initial rental period. We then re-rent that equipment (Laptops, Desktops & Rugged Ipads) in our refurbishment facilities in South Africa.

Sound too good to be true? Give us a call and find out more. One of our friendly team would be delighted to chat with you.

For more information, please contact us on 020 7123 4575 or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.

The Benefits of Leasing. See also:  Forbes Benefits of Leasing

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