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InnoVent specialises in providing innovative technology products, services and funding solutions to children’s nurseries. We have a wide range of computers, tablets and phones that are perfect for the day nursery and nursery schools.

InnoVent provides new and refurbished desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones for children’s nurseries as a simple easy to budget monthly subscription payment. This means better cash flow and lower prices for all of your IT.

A selection of InnoVent’s nursery technology products is detailed below;

  • Computers for nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools and pre-school children.
  • Laptops and desktops for all nursery activities.
  • Smartphones both new and fully refurbished.
  • A wide range of bomb-proof tablets for nurseries available. Is there such a thing as a “nursery proof tablet”? We have the perfect solution.
  • We lease both new and fully refurbished computers for nurseries, all fully guaranteed.
  • We specialise in the nursery and pre-school sector. Early years foundation stage IT expertise.
  • Problem-solving IT solutions at amazingly low prices – all with full support.

InnoVent appreciates that nursery environments can be, shall we say, challenging for handheld tablets. It’s certainly a tough environment. Glitter, sand, all sorts of liquids – you know what we are talking about here. Then there’s the increased risk of dropping a device to the floor which often resulted in tablet devices being prematurely broken or damaged.

Rugged “Nursery Proof” Computer Tablets and Smartphones.

InnoVent can provide nurseries with a rugged “Nursery Proof” tablet device that is both waterproof and drop proof. It will be able to survive in a tough nursery environment.

InnoVent’s “Nursery Proof” tablet benefits from a good quality 8MP camera. So this is ideal for nursery observation and 13-hour battery life that will last all day. Now the good news. The Subscription Cost is only £3.00 per week per tablet, charged quarterly and collected by direct debit. We normally do this on a 36-month contract but can tailor it to suit you.

InnoVent can also provide nurseries with a Rugged “Nursery Proof” Smartphone. This is both waterproof and drop-proof and ideal when out and about with the children. InnoVent’s “Nursery Proof” Smartphone benefits from a good quality 8MP camera. So this is perfect for nursery observation both inside and outside of the nursery. It comes with a very long-lasting battery.

The Rugged Smartphone is sim-free. This is a real advantage because it is not locked to any mobile phone network. So this leaves day nurseries and children’s nurseries the freedom to choose their preferred network provider.

Subscription Cost for a nursery-proof smartphone

Only £2.00 per week per tablet. This is charged quarterly and collected by direct debit. Again we normally do this on a 36-month contract but we can tailor it to suit your needs.

It’s always better if you can find a company that comes highly recommended. We put enormous emphasis on customer service. So here’s what some of our existing customers say about us.

“An innovative company with a passion for making a difference. Very happy with the service and looking forward to working together going forward”. M.S.

“The InnoVent team are great, efficient, fast and friendly – their leasing solution and the IT quality is top notch – highly recommend these guys” JL.

“Innovent has provided extremely quick and efficient service. They are highly recommended” W.N.

2nd Life IT – We rent once and then we rent again which means lower costs for you.

Refurbished Business Specification Computers

InnoVent strongly believes in the re-use of technology assets. We believe in giving all IT assets a second life. This is because it reduces unnecessary waste and provides affordable computing solutions for our customers. Don’t think for one moment that second-hand means second best. We challenge our customers to tell our refurbished computers from new computers. We refurbish to the highest possible standards and then back that up with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

InnoVent processes thousands of end of lease IT assets every month in their reprocessing centres. The assets they receive back from their clients include smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, printers and audio-visual equipment. So there’s plenty of choices.

InnoVent’s 2nd Life IT programme provides business-quality computer equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Then, we back that up with our comprehensive next business day warranty. If you have any problems at all we will send a replacement the very next working day.

2nd Life does not mean second hand. InnoVent’s 2nd Life IT inventory of business grade, Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo desktops, monitors and laptops all come with Windows 10 Professional. They are available for delivery within 72 hours of the order, subject to the usual credit checks.

The best-refurbished computers, phones and laptops for children’s nurseries and day nurseries.

All InnoVent 2nd Life desktop and laptop computers have been refurbished to the highest standards. They all undergo a stringent refurbishment process to give them a 2nd Life:

  • Prior to being refurbished, all the data from the previous owner is securely removed using specialist data-purging software.
  • All desktop computers, monitors and laptops undergo portable appliance testing (PAT Testing). So this will guarantee that the equipment is electrically safe for use and a certificate is provided.
  • All 2nd Life desktop computers, monitors and laptops also complete a rigorous and extensive testing process. These stress tests help eliminate any potential issues that could affect their future performance.
  • All 2nd Life products are upgraded with “Solid State Drives” (SSD). These have no moving parts so they provide improved performance and reliability over traditional SATA hard disk storage drives. So this means that they are actually running better, faster and more reliably than when they were brand new.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Operating System is loaded to 2nd Life desktop and laptop computers. Windows 10 Professional is the latest Microsoft Operating System for personal computers. This has many enhanced features and improved security protection.
  • 2nd Life laptop lids are re-coated with a colour matched scratch resistant covering. So this helps to enhance their “like new” appearance and also helps resist damage.
  • All 2nd Life products are cleaned both internally and externally. All stickers and asset labels from the previous owner will have been removed.

Support – Next Business Day Replacement

Our customers tell us that the two things that matter most to them are great prices and excellent support. So for your total peace of mind, 2nd Life products are covered by a “next business day” swap out service. No one else in the industry offers anything like this. Should the desktop, laptop or monitor stop working, just email or call InnoVent’s support team. We will arrange for a replacement to be dispatched to you the next day. That’s how confident we are that our products will deliver. Please note, keyboards and mice are usually excluded from replacement.

Subscription Cost

Only £3.00 per week per package, charged quarterly and collected by direct debit, 36-month contract

Refurbished Apple Products – iPads, iPhones, desk tops and laptops.

InnoVent is able to provide a wide range of Apple technology at short notice. This includes all Apple products from iPhones to iPads, all as a subscription service. We guarantee the best quality products and the lowest prices.

Subscription Cost

Of course, the subscription charge is dependent on product specification. So give us a call on 020 7123 4570 or drop us an email and we will give you our best quote. InnoVent charges quarterly and collects by direct debit. We normally provide a 36-month contract but can be flexible to suit your needs.

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