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Flexibility and innovation have been the key ingredients when creating our asset management solution. We understand, as asset managers, the huge variety of equipment that our clients have within their businesses and iCLAMS caters for the unique attributes associated with each asset allowing feature-rich data to be captured against each asset.

iCLAMS is a multi-asset class, multi-lessor, multi-currency, asset management solution, which is able to manage a plethora of assets, from technology to vehicles, plant and machinery to medical equipment, ground support equipment to smart-meters; the list is infinite. 

iCLAMS can be used to manage lease and financial contracts from multiple-lessors, banks and financial institutions and in multiple currencies. Our solution is truly international since it allows corporations to utilise our iCLAMS service to manage assets across the globe.

In addition to managing assets which have been financed, iCLAMS also enables users to manage assets that are owned as well, thus providing a single repository for all assets.

What truly sets iCLAMS apart as a market leading asset management system is the reporting and detailed asset analysis that we provide.


iCLAMS Welcome Screen and Menu

iCLAMS Welcome Screen


iCLAMS - Asset Detail, Example


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