Dell, Lenovo and HP: Best (and affordable) laptops for business in 2022


If you are looking for a great – and most important affordable –  laptop for your business in 2022, keep reading…

With more businesses seeking to adopt a hybrid working, technology and particularly laptop technology is playing an ever-increasing role in helping businesses to adapt. More flexibility and mobility inevitably lead to having equipment that is functional, portable and offers peak performance.

A cost-effective alternative to new laptop devices are our 2nd Life laptops: Dell Latitude 5490, Lenovo Thinkpad T480 and HP EliteBook 840 G5.

Learn more about our Second Life IT process here

All sleek looking corporate laptops that have all the features that users need. Featuring Intel i5 8th generation processors, 14 inch screen and supplied as standard with 16 GB of memory and 240 GB Solid State drive for storage.

All practical and high performance laptops that can be carried from home to office at a reduced weight. 

Connectivity to a USB docking station or docking monitor through the USB C port allows them to be easily deployed in an office setting. All 3 models are capable of running both Windows 10 Professional and Windows 11 Professional depending on requirements. 

As authorised partners we can supply this equipment on a subscription basis with imaging, so it’s ready to go! In addition, InnoVent can deploy to desk or ship to home-workers whilst managing the secure collection and disposal of retired or redundant IT assets.

Also available for Short Term Rentals (find out more, click here)

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