Choosing the best Computer Leasing Company.

best computer leasing company

10 things you need to know before you invest in new business computers.

There was a time when all computer leasing companies were pretty much the same – at least when it came to price. As an IT Director, Head of Finance or Purchase Manager, if you got three quotes for a lease deal on computers or other hardware, they would all be very similar.

But that’s not true anymore.

Before we get into the detail, it’s important to make sure we have a level playing field. Business equipment leasing is an important part of any company’s cost management programme. So it’s important to get it right.

Leasing has now become the de-facto way of acquiring computers and other IT. Companies, both large and small, love the fact that with no upfront payment, one simple monthly or quarterly low payment, they can get all the IT equipment they need.

Better than that, if you choose the right leasing company, it actually less expensive to lease than it is to buy.

Usually, the term is a three-year lease but it can, of course, be tailored to suit your personal requirements.

Best computer leasing company: What matters most?

Getting the best computer leasing company means considering ten issues to see which are the most important to your organisation.

  1. A Great Price. We understand that price isn’t everything. But if “all other things are equal” then the price is always a big factor.
    The monthly payments are key to cash flow. Is it really possible to lease equipment for less than it would cost to buy? The answer is yes.
  2. The Quality of Service. How often do you hear purchase managers complaining that they have to chase their suppliers? All the time right? In fact, it is their biggest moan.
    So we put “customer service” at number two in our top ten.
  3. Solid Back-Up. What happens when something goes wrong with your computer equipment? The back up provided by a leasing company certainly separates the men from the boys. That’s true in any walk of life but when a server or laptop fails it means staff are no longer productive.
  4. A Genuine Green Agenda. More and more companies now recognise the importance of sustainability in their organisation. The Board of Directors and the end customer now demand it. If your chosen lease company has a genuine sustainability plan in place it will massively enhance your own green credentials.
  5. Helpful Advice on the best equipment. An IT leasing company will be buying hardware and software every single week. It knows what equipment is the most reliable and what equipment is coming to the end of its life.
    There’s nothing worse than buying a large number of computers only to find that two months down the line the model is replaced by a newer and faster version.
    A good leasing company will be able to give you great advice BEFORE you make your purchasing decision.
  6. The Need for Speed. If you’re thinking of leasing IT equipment you need a decision fast. You need the quote fast, you need approval fast and you need the kit fast.
  7. Simple Paperwork. Again the bane of the purchase manager’s life. If you’re looking for the best computer leasing company and the best leasing solution, the paperwork is important.
    No one wants to be tied up with a complicated lease agreement, endless detail and confusing invoices. You need flexible leases that keep it simple – and do it fast.
  8. Independent Guidance. A good lease company will be able to give you lots of options. So it’s not just about the financing. What about looking at the cost of refurbished computers or laptops instead, or as well, as new computers.
    New isn’t always the best solution when it comes to technology leasing.
  9. Data security and GDPR. When you’ve finished with the kit will the lease company come and collect it, wipe it clean and provide you with a complete data trail? If they do will they do this for free or will they charge for the service?
  10. Asset Management. Who is going to manage all of your IT equipment? Will you be chasing the leasing company when the contract comes to an end or will they be looking after your interests?
  11. Equipment Financing Testimonials. I know – we said 10 things, didn’t we. But we couldn’t miss out the importance of getting solid testimonials from happy customers. There’s nothing better than a recommendation.

Leasing business computers. Getting the best IT leasing deal for your company.

leasing business computers

So we think those are the 10 (Okay, 11) most important factors you should take into consideration. We believe these are the criteria by which all leasing companies should be measured.

As we said at the start, the monthly payments are always a big factor. We also said that you could lease the equipment over three years for less than it would cost to be. That is not how traditional lease companies work.

However, at Innovent Leasing, we really do want the equipment back at the end of the lease term. The value that we put on the equipment at the end of your lease is passed on to you. This results in much lower monthly payments and means you really can lease for less than you can buy.

Have we forgotten anything? Let us know if we have.

So whether you are a small business, a large company, an SME or a Blue Chip we would love to give you a quote for your next IT purchase and lease arrangement. If you want to spread the cost of one business computer or 1,000 business computers – we have the best rates.

The best asset finance lenders. Find out how leasing is now less expensive than buying.

Leasing computer equipment. To find out more, you can contact Innovent Leasing: 020 7123 4570.

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“Innovent are great at always getting back to me – excellent communicators and very responsive. They really care about my custom”. P.A.

“Innovent are a joy to work with. They are totally customer focussed. TUI are delighted to have them as their leasing partner” TUI

 “We really like the fact that, unlike other lease companies, Innovent really do want our IT kit back at the end of the lease. This means we can get far better lease rates than anyone else can offer” M.F.

“Best Computer Leasing Company” was written by Innovent Leasing Ltd. The leading leasing computer specialists.

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