A flexible laptop solution for a business’s graduate program


First impressions matter. 

We know that you want to give your graduates and interns the best possible welcome to your business by providing them with IT equipment of high quality with great performance that will allow them to make a promising start in their new careers.

We also know that until now, that was not always possible. Many times IT departments had to repurpose old IT equipment resulting in teams having lots of different looking computers with different specifications that did not always meet their needs.

Or worse, having to purchase additional laptops paying the full cost up front that might be used for a short period of time and afterwards often ended up piled up in that old (IT Spares) cupboard no one wants to talk about…

That’s why InnoVent´s Short Term Rental is the perfect solution. 

We can provide you with our selection of business grade laptops from manufacturers including Dell, HP and Lenovo to suit your Corporate choices and the user needs for a flexible period of time. It’s available for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rentals!

The laptops will be ready to work once delivered and for your peace of mind, all our 2nd Life equipment is covered by a swap out replacement warranty. 

Should the equipment fail to work (please keep in mind that the typical failure rate of our 2nd Life equipment is less than 1%, compared to up to 5% of new equipment) InnoVent will repair or replace it with either the same or better specification of equipment. 

The swap out replacement warranty will cover the equipment for the entire period of your short term rental, only user damage comes with an extra cost. 

This way you can provide your graduates with the best IT equipment for their first job and keep it cost-effective for your company.

Contact us for a quote: sales@2ndlifeit.co.uk 020 7123 4570

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