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Adrian Saint - Chief Operating Officer, InnoVent

Adrian Saint 

Adrian Saint, Chief Operating Officer

Adrian is an experienced business development professional, who has provided IT Managed Services and Asset Management solutions to medium and large corporate clients for over two decades.

Adrian met his InnoVent business partner, Duane Lent, during his role as Lombard Technology Services’ Business Development Director of Managed Services. Lombard Technology Services are a subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, where Adrian led the development of new business and managed IT services for over 14 years.

Adrian is driven by providing an unparalleled service for clients, from initial designs for comprehensive and bespoke solutions to efficient and supportive project and account management. As previous Manager of IT Service Delivery at Lex Transfleet, his understanding of the specific corporate technology needs of UK clients enables him to create value and bespoke solutions throughout InnoVent’s services.

Adrian is passionate about the benefits and opportunities that technology can deliver to organisations of all sizes. Duane and Adrian share InnoVent’s values to promote access to and the sustainable use of technology. With experience creating proposals for a plethora of business sectors, (including the legal sector, financial services, retail, consumer and leisure industries), Adrian is excited to bring a new model to the market that combines his responsible ethics with knowledge of effective technology solutions – ‘InnoVent Leasing Limited’.