InnoVent, a 21st Century IT Leasing Company

Secure IT Disposal Services

Notwithstanding InnoVent's desire to re-use and re-rent the majority of it's Technology Assets, there are instances when secure IT recycling is the only viable option.

InnoVent will ensure compliance with current and pending legislation associated with recycling computer equipment. The Environmental Protection Act (1990), the Hazardous Waste Regulations, and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Legislation must be adhered to when we recycle computers.

Redundant technology equipment, that is deemed either unfit or not economically viable for resale or re-use, is sent for secure IT recycling, materials recovery and IT disposal. InnoVent guarantees that all equipment will be broken down and recycled in accordance with all relevant IT disposal legislation. Upon request, certification of compliance can be issued for environmental disposal of computers.

InnoVent recycle old computers and help our clients enhance their CSR and marketing communications initiatives.

Please download a copy of our Company Brochure which encapulates information on our business.