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Our guidelines to Leasing ICT equipment for schools, colleges and universities

School ICT Budgets

School budgets are constantly being squeezed and the demand for ICT within education is ever increasing. The demand to “do more for less” has never been so great. Leasing assets eliminates the requirement for precious capital budgets to be spent on large projects and IT refreshes. Leasing delivers a predictable, easy-to-budget approach that helps manage assets and preserve cash-flow within schools. Leasing provides schools with the means to maximize available school funds, leaving existing budget resources untouched to be invested in other essential areas of development.  It is also an effective means of achieving better cash management, given that schools have the ability to spread the cost of repayment over 2 to 5 years, dependent on the type of equipment purchased.

Starting to think about leasing?

Before starting to consider leasing, schools will go through their normal commissioning process for the equipment, involving a pre-purchasing review to identify the need, preparing a specification, preparing evaluation criteria and obtaining quotes. It is at this stage that InnoVent can help with benchmarking and validating the capital purchase prices, to make sure that the acquisition costs are in line with market pricing as overpaying for assets is a waste that no organisation can afford.

InnoVent Leasing

We are a specialist ICT Asset Management organisation, our business is built around the core principle of rental and re-rental of technology in order to maximize the use that technology can deliver. We focus on providing funding solutions to UK organisations for an initial rental period and then we “up-cycle” retired UK assets in our refurbishment facilities in South Africa and re-deploy up-cycled equipment to schools, local communities and businesses in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. 

For more information, please download "Our Guide About Leasing ICT" which provides our guidelines to leasing ICT equipment for Education.

Please download a copy of our Company Brochure which encapulates information on our business.

ICT Laboratory at a School in Zimbabwe