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2nd Life IT  Refurbished Desktops and Monitor Bundle from InnoVent





Benefits of 2nd Life IT

Quality Products

2nd Life does not mean second hand, our 2nd Life IT inventory of business grade, Dell, HP and Lenovo desktops, monitors and laptops with Windows 10 Professional is available for delivery within 72 hours of order. All our 2nd Life IT products are rigourosly tested during the build and processing stages prior to delivery, ensuring a quality products arrives each and every time.

Comprehensive Support

InnoVent's 2nd LIfe IT solution provides clients with good quality business grade computers at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. All desktops, monitors and laptops are covered by our comprehensive next business day support. A quick call or email to our 2nd Life IT support desk and we will arrange for a replacement devices to be sent the very next day. 

Cost Effective

2nd Life IT equipment is provdied via a fixed, easy to budget  subscription payment that includes the equipment and support in a single payment, which removes the need for large capital outlay and spreads the costs of technology into a simple quarterly payment.

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