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As the Coronavirus puts increasing pressure on business, more and more employers are looking to give their staff the ability to work from home. The business case for enabling staff to work remotely was well-made long before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. This year the need has simply become even greater.

Why employees working from home should never use their own personal computers.

Most employees already have a home computer and there is a tendency to want to use these for business use.

In fact, many households will own a couple of laptops, of various quality and some will often have a dedicated area within the house set up with a desktop. It is not uncommon for even the smallest of two-bedroom apartments to have the second bedroom set up as an office which can quickly be converted for the occasional guest night stop.

From an employers perspective, the disadvantages and risks associated with an existing personal computer are numerous.

Most home computers will rarely have the latest security systems in place and the operating software are rarely up to date.

Old technology means slow processing. Put these together and the performance of staff working from home is always extremely poor.

Business data will invariably have security and GDPR issues that need to be taken into account as well. The company’s privacy policy and GDPR compliance are certainly not going to cover data stored on home computers over which the company has no control but is now legally liable.

Staff will often want to use their own computers because they are familiar with how they work and they may well already be connected to other devices like printers. However, the mix of business use and personal use is bound to lead to problems at some point down the line.

Short-term leasing an almost new reconditioned computer is the best way of enabling staff to work from home.

If staff want to work from home then a low-cost short-term lease is the perfect solution.

If the business opts for almost new reconditioned machines then the monthly outlay is minimal. There is also the advantage that there are no large upfront payments to worry about either.

One of the hidden advantages of this solution is that all staff will be on the same software and the same platform.

This makes support and maintenance far easier than trying to look after a range of home computers all by different manufacturers and all running different software – a nightmare for any IT support department at the best of times. IT departments find it difficult enough supporting the same computers running on the same platform on the premises. The idea is that staff can work from home and not spend all their time trying to fix software and security issues.

The lease package itself may provide technical support and free replacement in the event of a problem.

Short-term leases for say, 10 refurbished laptops, are available for as little as 6 months and prices start from as little as £60 a month. If your FD is having a nervous breakdown at the thought of providing laptops for all the staff this the perfect solution.

Solve the Coronavirus problem with a short-term computer lease solution.

Since news of the outbreak escalating here in the UK, employers have been scrambling to put together a plan to keep their businesses running. Homeworking or remote working is certainly one solution that many companies will adopt.

At Innovent we have been facilitating employees working remotely for many years. We recognise the fact that Coronavirus may well be a short-term problem for many companies and that buying new hardware or committing to long leases is not the answer.

We can get your staff working remotely quickly and without any of the fuss. More importantly without a large capital spend.

We have almost new reconditioned laptops and desktop computers available for short term lease right now.

So call us today for an instant quote on 020 7123 4570 or drop us an email and we will get straight back to you.

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