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Lease computers and laptops

We are the leading specialist IT lease company for leasing computers and laptops. Why are we the “leading specialist”? Simple – first our prices are the lowest and secondly our customer service is the highest. Those are the two things our customers tell us they care about the most.

So whether you want to lease brand new IT equipment or refurbished we can help. We can also save you thousands of pounds compared with traditional lease companies. Want to know how much we can save you? Just look at some of our prices below. The reason we are inexpensive than every other lease company is simple; we want your equipment back. When you’ve finished with it, of course. Whilst everyone else wants to throw it in the skip, we want it back and we will pass that value on to you. Your lease terms will be far lower compared with our competitors.

Best lease rates for computers: desktops and laptops

That’s not the only advantage of leasing computers and laptops through Innovent. Most companies these days want to show off their Green credentials. It’s hard for your Board of Directors to claim they have a green agenda when they’re throwing all their old IT into a skip.

So move to Innovent and we will give you the best possible IT recycling solution ever. When you’ve finished with your computers we will come and collect them. We will wipe them clean and provide you with a paper trail and certificate – all free of charge. So you really can say that you have a genuine and provable renewable policy and boast about your Green IT agenda. These days that is becoming increasingly important both for shareholders and customers alike.

We will also keep an audit of what equipment we have supplied and when. So you always know where you are and when your lease is about to expire. As with all our contracts, you are in total control. Find a suitable arrangement that works for you.

Okay, now back to those low prices we talked about. Just compare our prices below with our competitors:

LEASE COMPUTERS PRICE COMPARISON EXAMPLE 1: Lease £5,000 of DELL XPS or similar. TERM: Typical Example over 3 years:

£397.75 per quarter for 12 Quarters – so the total cost is £4,773. These figures may vary slightly month on month so give us a call for today’s price. It may be even lower.

As you can see, that’s less than the cost of buying the equipment yourself. Now compare us with the competition. There really is no comparison. Our biggest competitor would charge you a whopping £6,289.20. Note also that is with none of the customer support features that we include in our deal. So, no one can touch us for price, quality and customer support.

PRICE COMPARISON EXAMPLE 2: Lease £5,000 OF HP ELITEBOOK or similar. TERM: Typical Example over 5 years.

£287.68 per quarter for 20 Quarters – so the total cost is £5,753.66. Again these figures may vary slightly month on month so do give us a call on 020 7123 4570 to check our current rates or email us for a fast response.

The benefits of leasing computers and laptops compared with buying.

One of the big benefits of leasing is that you avoid computer obsolescence. In a competitive business environment, having the very best technology will always give you an edge over your competition. Leasing means you can always have the very latest IT without having to worry about cash flow.

When raising the cash for new IT is difficult, there is often a tendency to simply make do. The finance department is often keen on “just getting another year out of them”. The real cost of using out of date or inefficient IT is enormous. If that’s not bad enough, and it is, there’s no better way to demotivate your staff than to give the old and poorly performing computers.

  • Leasing computers is actually less expensive than buying when you use us.
  • You get better cash flow and simple cash flow management.
  • Reduce your upfront costs.
  • Tax efficient way of financing.
  • Support team to look after you.
  • Low fixed monthly fees which makes forward budgeting so much easier.
  • Fast delivery. All lease agreements are subject to status but we guarantee a fast decision with none of the fuss.
  • Leasing means your teams can have the computers they want when they want them. Get the latest tech now.
  • Peace of mind with our superb full warranty and support.
  • Free trial period available so you always get exactly the right equipment for you.
  • We also look after all the audit, the collection when you’ve finished and the security cleaning and wiping. This is all done at no extra charge.
  • Add extra computers within a 3 month period without having to take on an additional lease. We will roll it all up into one document which massively reduces your paperwork.
  • Fully authorised asset finance lenders. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • You can also lease refurbished computers from us if you prefer at amazing prices with a full warranty.

Computer Leasing: Finding a suitable asset finance lender.

For business users, the advantages of leasing compared buying are huge. That’s why companies lease their premises. It’s also why they lease their vehicles. So leasing IT as well makes perfect sense. What’s most surprising about using Innovent is that it’s actually inexpensive to lease than it is to buy. That’s simply unheard of in the leasing market. It’s what makes us the number one choice if you’re thinking of leasing IT.

Are you responsible for ordering computers, laptops, desktops or any other IT in your company? Great – you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee the best prices and the best possible customer service. Come to Innovent for all your leasing requirements and you’ll find yourself in very good company. Major companies like TUI use us because they demand the very best prices and the best IT – and we deliver exactly that.

If you are looking to lease computers or laptops, or any IT for that matter, there’s nothing better than a recommendation. So Just listen to what some of our clients have to say about us.

“Their post-lease re-sale business model not only suits our environmental policy but also significantly reduces our annual Opex cost”. M.F.

“Innovent’s prices are amazing. If you are thinking of leasing IT, whether new or refurbished, I strongly recommend you speak to them first”. TUI.

“We particularly like Innovent’s 3-month rolling lease arrangement. I can bundle all of my leasing needs across a three month period and put them into just one simple lease arrangement. That’s brilliant because it massively reduces the paperwork”.

“Unlike other lease companies, Innovent really do want our IT kit back at the end of the lease. This means we can get far better lease rates than anyone else can offer”

“Their leasing solution and the IT quality is top notch – highly recommend these guys”. JL

“Innovent tick all our “Green Boxes” by ensuring our old IT is not simply thrown in the skip after three years”.

So give us a call today on 020 7123 4570 and chat to one of our friendly team. We would love to show you how we can save you thousands of pounds on your IT budget, We lease computers and laptops at the lowest possible prices and ensure you always have the very latest IT.

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