Why your Business Should Up-cycle your Electronic Waste

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Why Electronic Recycling is out and Up-cycling is in…

An important aspect of running a successful business is keeping up to date with technology.  The by-product of this is periodic updates of your office electronics and devices.

While upgrading from outdated technology to high-speed, sleek-looking, new gadgets feels empowering – the old devices that have been replaced can pose a problem and you have probably been left wondering what to do with all of the technology ‘waste’.

Electronic waste recycling is big news when it comes to our environmental health.  Currently the life cycle of unwanted electronic see much of the it end up being illegally exported to places like Africa, Asia and India, or put into landfills or incinerators that in turn, often leaches into ground water, rivers and oceans –  the result?  Heavy metals in food that we, yes you guessed it, then consume!

So we know that ethically we should be more responsible but what you probably didn’t know is that up cycling electronic waste can actually benefit your business in a number of ways.

Benefits of Electronics and Server Up-Cycling

Whether you’re a fan of detoxifying our planet, or if you’re looking for ways to boost your business even further to stay ahead of the game, electronic waste up cycling is the answer.

So, what can e-waste recycling do for your business?

1. Make a Positive Impact on the Environment and Our Natural Resources

Most electronics are comprised of heavy metals such as mercury and lead which can be devastating to our environment, both on land and in the water.

By recycling these devices, you’ll not only help the environment thrive but also the natural resources we depend on — and which our businesses depend on.  Electronic devices also contain non-renewable resources which can be reused to manufacture new products (up-cycled), if recycled properly. This leads to a circular economy.

2. Keep your Employees Happy

Did you know that employees are more likely to be engaged when working for eco-friendly organisations? Environmental and socially responsible companies are a major draw to employees looking to do more than simply just show up.

As environmental concerns rise, employees are beginning to want more environmentally friendly workplace habits and expect certain actions.

a chart showing the role of corporate culture in sustainability

Via MIT Sloan Management Review

According to a study by Cone Communications, 51% of employees refuse to work for a company that doesn’t have strong environmental or social standards – could you be inadvertently turning away key talent?

By creating sustainable workplace policies, you’ll be able to keep your employees productive, happy, and more engaged.

a graph showing how employee engagement affects business outcomes

via Gallup News

3. Improve the Reputation of your Brand

In recent years sustainable development has become a crucial factor for consumers – especially in the most dominant generation today, the millennial’s, who are recognisable due to their distinct values, behaviours and habits when it comes to earning and spending.  The generation also has a strong affinity with sustainable products and services.

According to a recent study, “Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among today’s youngest consumers have an opportunity to not only grow market share but build loyalty among the power-spending millennial’s too.”

By implementing an electronic waste up-cycling program, you’ll be able to boost your business’ eco credentials.

How Innovent is working to improve the Electronic Waste Footprint

At InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets, giving assets a 2nd Life, as it reduces unnecessary waste, and provides affordable computing to users in the UK and Africa.

InnoVent processes thousands of end of lease IT assets every month in our reprocessing centres in the UK and Africa. The assets we receive back from our lease clients include smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, printers and audio-visual equipment.

2nd Life does not mean second hand, our 2nd Life IT inventory of business grade, Dell, HP and Lenovo desktops, monitors and laptops with Windows 10 Professional is available for delivery within 72 hours of order.  All our 2nd Life IT products are rigourosly tested during the build and processing stages prior to delivery, ensuring a quality products arrives each and every time.

Our 2nd Life IT programme provides business quality computer equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment and is covered by a comprehensive next business day warranty. On arrival at our facilities we securely data purge all hardware assets to remove all data and software from the devices. We also thoroughly test assets prior to commencing the refurbishment and up-cycling process.

For more information on our 2nd Life IT program start improving your business today get in touch

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