InnoVent, a 21st Century IT Leasing Company

Corporate Responsibility is at the heart of our business.

Our aim as an organisation is to reduce waste in the technology industry through a complete lifecycle management service. We help our clients to take care of the environment and give something back to the developing world through the safe and ethical rental and re-rental of technology.

InnoVent supports the sustainable ‘up-cycling’ of technology, up-cycling adds value to redundant UK hardware through repairs and component upgrades in our reconditioning centers. We recondition and re-lease the majority of the hardware we receive back from UK clients providing affordable access to technology that enables small African businesses and charities to grow their efficiency.

Our unique business model saves UK corporates money, by reducing the total cost of ownership during the primary period of an asset’s life and, after up-cycling by InnoVent, provides affordable computing to developing nations in Africa, while enhancing your corporate responsibility credentials, a genuine “Win-Win” for all parties involved.

African Focused.

Throughout South Africa and in other developing world economies in sub Saharan Africa, investment is needed to educate young people. Historical jobs in farming and other land based occupations are rapidly being replaced and we believe that an education centred on ICT will build future entrepreneurs and help the economies in deprived areas grow.

Diyatawala Community – One Example

“Friends of Diyatalawa” is an example of one of the charitable initiatives in South Africa which the InnoVent Group supports as part of our on-going commitment to reducing technology waste and our focus on the ethical and sustainable use of technology. Diyatalawa is a small community to the North-East of Johannesburg that originated as a farming settlement.Since employment on farms has fallen in the area, the village has become a pilot for the government-backed Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP).

The site now contains 50 brick houses with sustainable energy sources, in addition to a school and crèche that provide for surrounding satellite villages.
Qrent, an InnoVent group business provided resource and assistance in refurbishing the community development centre providing the village residents with a much needed computer centre using our reconditioned and up-cycled desktops and laptops which changed the face and use of the dilapidated building.

Charitable donations    Providing upcycled technology to developing nations

Ultimately an education in computing and computer maintenance will build skills within the community and increase access to further career opportunities.

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